One weekend when I was watching some videos on YouTube I came across a saxophone player from Japan named Kaori. She played the classic 'Nothing's Gonna Change my Love for You' and it was amazing. I was so inspired by her that I decided to learn saxophone. In the following two months I started researching different kinds of saxophone, different parts of a saxophone, how to assemble it, what to watch out for, the best saxophone players of all time, etc. From one video to another, from one website link to another, anything saxophone related. The momentum was building up. Then I decided to buy a saxophone to start with from the US. When it arrived I couldn't wait to open it. Once I was home I ripped the box man! The saxophone looked really nice. I really liked it. I assembled it and started some blowing. This was the funny part: despite how hard I blow no sound came out of that thing. I spent all weekend trying to figure out how to make a sound of a saxophone. I watched the videos on YouTube about how to start but man for the life of me I couldn't make a sound. It took me almost a week to figure out how to make a decent sound. And I did it.


    Of all the instruments that I learned to play, drums are my favourite. I discovered drums at a youth camp while watching someone play the guitar. I picked up the drumsticks and started jamming with him. We had so much fun that afternoon. They literally had to stop us playing so we could go onto the next program. Fast forward, I taught myself to play drums and improved on my techniques . Playing the drums is so much fun than other instruments!


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