As an adult, I often question why we complicate things. We get ourselves into a huge mortgage just to buy that beautiful house near the beach. We buy the latest model of Audi TT to show off our friends and family. We try so hard to get into a prestigious school. Some famous people went to that university and you want to go there too. We care too much about what other people say and think about us that we are willing to get ourselves into unnecessary trouble.

I do not know how it all started but this cycle is very commercially driven. Buying a house (real estate agents), getting a mortgage (banks and brokers), getting a car (manufacturers and car dealers) or getting admitted into an expensive and prestigious school. As these things are highly valued by society, we try to acquire them so people will think that we are rich and intelligent. And then what? In the meantime, you change your lifestyle drastically. You try to cut your expenses to prioritise your mortgage. You stopped going to concerts. You stopped dining at your favourite restaurant every Saturday night. You don't travel because you think your money is better off putting into your mortgage.

I realised that the more I care about what other people think, the more I'm not being true to my values. So one day I decided to stop worrying too much about what other people think. Instead, I focused on my goals and stayed true to my values of simplicity and frugality. I moved out of my three-bedroom house and rented it out instead. I moved into a small studio apartment near my workplace and also close to the city. I was able to go out more and catch up with friends often. Having a good and balanced social life is more important than mortgage. In the end, you cannot bring your house or car with you on your death bed.
All that you will think and feel at that point in time will be the love that you shared with all your friends and family.
If you are not careful about how you spend your time, you will soon run out of it. And before you know it, it's too late to go back. It is impossible to go back. The time that you lose is the amount of life that you choose not to live.

Some say you have to live in the moment, do not dwell in the past and do not spend thinking too much about the future. To some extent, that is true. However, it does not give you an overall picture of the whole truth. And that truth is that life and time exist at the same time. Although they are two different concepts, one cannot exist without the other. You cannot call something 'life' without the passage of time. How can something or someone exist without measuring it against time? And time itself does not make sense if life does not exist. What's the point of time if no one is here to witness and experience its passage.

Once you understand the relationship of life and time, you will realise that talking about life by itself or time by itself is talking about the same thing and there is no point trying to distinguish between the two. And as human beings, we have the capacity to live beyond pure discussions or arguments of what life or time is. We can decide to fill our lives with meaningful experiences, travel and relationships with other human beings that cannot be measured.

Life is here to stay. Time will always be there. They are constants. You cannot change them. However, experiences, travel and relationships are variables. You definitely can change them.
It is your decision

Ups and downs


There will be times when you feel like you've done everything you could to reach your goals but not good enough. You're still behind your target. You feel like giving up. You want to throw the towel and tell the world you've had enough of its rules.

Then you go to bed.

You get up the next morning feeling refreshed, rejuvenated. That's because you had a good sleep and your cells were replenished overnight. You're ready to face the world again. You won't even realise that you had a really bad day yesterday.

So, when you're feeling down, sleep it off or watch an inspiring movie. Let your brain cells replenish. Tomorrow will be another chance to work on your goals.