As an adult, I often question why we complicate things. We get ourselves into a huge mortgage just to buy that beautiful house near the beach. We buy the latest model of Audi TT to show off our friends and family. We try so hard to get into a prestigious school. Some famous people went to that university and you want to go there too. We care too much about what other people say and think about us that we are willing to get ourselves into unnecessary trouble.

I do not know how it all started but this cycle is very commercially driven. Buying a house (real estate agents), getting a mortgage (banks and brokers), getting a car (manufacturers and car dealers) or getting admitted into an expensive and prestigious school. As these things are highly valued by society, we try to acquire them so people will think that we are rich and intelligent. And then what? In the meantime, you change your lifestyle drastically. You try to cut your expenses to prioritise your mortgage. You stopped going to concerts. You stopped dining at your favourite restaurant every Saturday night. You don't travel because you think your money is better off putting into your mortgage.

I realised that the more I care about what other people think, the more I'm not being true to my values. So one day I decided to stop worrying too much about what other people think. Instead, I focused on my goals and stayed true to my values of simplicity and frugality. I moved out of my three-bedroom house and rented it out instead. I moved into a small studio apartment near my workplace and also close to the city. I was able to go out more and catch up with friends often. Having a good and balanced social life is more important than mortgage. In the end, you cannot bring your house or car with you on your death bed.
All that you will think and feel at that point in time will be the love that you shared with all your friends and family.


01/27/2018 1:49am

Well, On this blog post, you have added the very informative info which is important to the everyone. It is good to know that cycle is very commercially driven. You always shared info about the people thinking which is so nice.

02/05/2018 12:24am

I also believe that people these days focus more on what other people think of them than what they think of themselves. We tend to be aspire to be other people rather than be the best of who we can be. Before, I also thought this way. I would rely on what others might perceive of me. As the years passed by I lost sight of who I really was. It was only after months of therapy as well an intervention from my family and friends that made me realize that I am who I am and that no one should change me.

02/06/2018 10:33pm

Adulthood will make you realize that smaller things are more important than the bigger ones. It's sad because we only get the chance to see the bigger picture once we are old already. Right now, I can say that I am still at the stage of exploring. I think the reason behind why some people on trying is because of how they perceived happiness. We all have our own definitions of happiness which make us all different from one another. Anytime soon, all of us will find out what makes us really happy!

02/11/2018 2:57am

I want to let you know here how you can begin your profound journey. Be that as it may, first let us realize what a profound journey is.


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